Caitlin and Phillip's Reptacular Ranch Wedding

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Thursday 30th September 2021
I first worked at Reptacular Ranch in 2017 when it was just starting as a wedding venue. I had a few weddings with Vinny the sweet zebra before he passed away last year. I've seen the ceremony and reception area change after wildfires burned down almost the entire ranch a few years ago. It is truly one of my favorite venues because I always love seeing or hearing the animals. The couple's who get married at Reptacular have the option of incorporating the ranch's many animal friends into their wedding, but even if they choose not to, seeing Herbie the camel in the distance or hearing the goats bleating during a ceremony always makes me smile.

Caitlin and Phillip were one of the many couples whose wedding was postponed for over a year due to Covid restrictions. They wanted to celebrate with all their family and friends present, so they were legally married on their original wedding date, and then threw their wedding party this past 4th of July 2021. I had the privilege of working with them for their engagement photos, and then meeting them again a few months later for their day. Since they had an extra year to plan their ceremony and party, Caitlin and Phillip chose to incorporate several of the ranch's animals into their day. Actually the most I've seen be incorporated in the several years I've worked at Reptacular Ranch! 

Besides the goat ring bearer, Lupita the beer donkey, and the mini horse at the photo booth, Caitlin rode in for their grand entrance on Herbie the camel, which was one of the coolest things I've seen at a wedding so far. It's definitely one to look at, there are lots of fun animals and details popping up throughout the photos.

If you're looking for a unique and rustic wedding venue in Los Angeles I definitely recommend checking out Reptacular! They also host an annual bridal show in November that I will be attending this year. Hope to see you there.

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