Alex and Michael's Mt. Pinos/ Frazier Park Engagement Session

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Wednesday 26th May 2021
One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the opportunity to explore new places. It's just not practical for me as a Mom to randomly get in my car and drive an hour away to go walk around for a bit. So having clients who offer up suggestions of gorgeous places for their engagement sessions is always such a joy of the job. There are a few regular locations I use for engagement sessions around Simi Valley and the Greater Los Angeles area, but having new suggestions of meaningful places to my clients is always welcome. Alex and Michael had originally suggested Red Rocks State Park, and unfortunately due to high winds in the area we had to change our location. Another favorite place of the two is Mt. Pinos, located close to Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club. 

Just driving through Frazier Park and up into the mountains is a beautiful drive. We met at the top of the mountain at an overlook point, and the drive going up and up through pines and forests, not really knowing when the road ends is such a surreal feeling when you're used to being surrounded by freeways and traffic in Los Angeles. We wandered around hiking trails that still had a tiny bit of snow even in April, since the weather is so much colder up on the mountain. 

I'm sure I've said this before somewhere (because I say it a lot), your engagement photos will look the most natural and happy, when you just interact and have fun with each other. Even if that means whispering about how awkward it is or how much you hate having your photo taken (which is what my husband does whenever we do family photos), because then you laugh, and it all works out. These two were a great example of that: Michael said he had no idea how to pose for photos, but once he started realizing this shoot meant just kissing and loving his gorgeous fiancĂ©, we all loosened up and had a great time. 90% of the people I work with aren't models, or used to photoshoots- but it doesn't take model training to just love your partner and give them the affection that you show them every day. 


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