Brittney and Wendy's Los Angeles Vasquez Rocks Elopement

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Thursday 11th February 2021

Gone are the days of “elopement” meaning running off to a Vegas without telling anyone to secretly exchange vows. The term “elopement” is now commonly accepted to mean a non-traditional, or small scale wedding. These were taking place far before Covid-19 restrictions and “micro weddings” which gained popularity in 2020. While some couples have always planned for an elopement or smaller scale wedding, many were more or less forced into it because of the restrictions Covid-19 has imposed on weddings in California. 

Brittney and Wendy had originally planned their wedding to be held at Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar, CA. A few months prior I got the email that I had become accustomed to: Our wedding plans have changed due to the circumstances. Brittney and Wendy were adamant to keep their original wedding date, and had discussed having a first look and wedding portraits done at Vasquez Rocks, which is about 45 minutes North of Los Angeles. It’s a great spot for photos and I was super excited to meet them there!

Brittney was understandably nervous waiting for Wendy to come up, so we joked around with the “waiting and waiting” photos to try to calm her nerves. Finally when Wendy met us and walked up to Brittney, there was instant relief. First looks are always my favorite to capture, you can really tell when people are wildly in love and just can’t wait to see each other. 

After our photos and some family photos at Vasquez we drove to Brittney’s house in the San Fernando Valley for their intimate ceremony in the backyard. All of the couple’s siblings were able to attend and they were so happy to share their wedding with them since they couldn’t have the large scale wedding they had originally planned on. After the ceremony a drive by greeting occurred, with some family and friends driving up to take tacos home and drop off gifts. 

Love is love in a pandemic or not. Though this past year has been awful, it’s certainly put things in perspective about celebrating our lives and joy in any circumstance. There is beauty in every wedding celebration, those who opt for smaller ceremonies to keep their wedding date, or those who are choosing to postpone their date to have the wedding of their dreams with everyone being able to attend. I am so privileged to be a wedding photographer in these times to witness so much love and joy in this time.

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