Meet The Artist- Portraits with Lexxi Smith Photography

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Saturday 13th January 2018

It's such a weird feeling to be on the other side of the camera- being the model instead of the photographer. It's also a good feeling when it's to take pictures snuggling the love of your life. And it's an especially good feeling considering my husband does not love posing for pictures (which makes my life hard as a photographer).

For New Year's Eve in 2016 we took a little road trip to The Grand Canyon, so for New Year's Eve 2017 we wanted to do something similar. I wanted to take Max to Zion National Park in Utah, and conveniently my friend Lexxi from Lexxi Smith Photography was going to be in the area, which was definitely fate. Unfortunately- apparently New Year's Eve is prime time to go to Zion already, and then some geniuses decided to do extensive road work on the one road leading into the park on top of that- so to go into Zion would have taken a lot of time that we just didn't have. Luckily Lexxi was on it in finding a new location- and suggested Snow Canyon. 

We had such a great time snuggling and loving each other under the direction of Lexxi. She is an incredible photographer who is based in Utah, but travels all over. All photos are copyright under Lexxi Smith Photography.

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