Mommy and Me Session in Joshua Tree National Park

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Wednesday 18th April 2018

So fun fact: I had never been to Joshua Tree before this session. Joshua Tree is kind of a photographer's "bucket list" item, and so being able to go and do this shoot with my friend Lauren and her sweet son was an awesome experience! Also Lauren is a babe herself so we got to do some shots of her being a desert goddess while her cute little boy ran around and played on so many rocks. If nothing else, Joshua Tree is pretty amazing for rocks and rock formations. I don't like to do a ton of write up before these posts, because let's be honest- who's reading them? And also I'm a photographer and not a writer, so I'd prefer for my photos to speak for themselves: 

So after our session I spent the night in an Air BNB trailer in the middle of the desert. It was a.... strange.... experience that I won't get into, but I did snag this cool shot in this vintage "Canned Ham" trailer. 

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