Katie and Andrew's Golden Hour Engagement Session

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Friday 02nd March 2018

Happy Friday! We're finally getting some rain here in Southern California. Rain always makes me want to leave the house and go on crazy far away adventures. But since my car only has one working light, and my windshield wipers desperately need to be changed, and my tire pressure light just came on yesterday,  here I am at the Starbucks down the street. And I realized- I've NEVER done work at Starbucks before. I usually stay at home to work, and I never really understood why so many people came here- but now I do. Because here, there aren't four cats meowing at me, a messy house that needs cleaning, or a TV with Netflix waiting to be watched. So excuse me for being a hipster and blogging at Starbucks, but it does have its merits.

But enough about me and my weird life discoveries. It's time to talk about Katie and Andrew! Besides being adorable (this much is evident) Katie and Andrew are some of the most genuinely kind and awesome people I've ever met. I have a tad of a bias towards them because of some similarities (they were high school sweethearts, started dating the same year as me and my husband, and love cats), but even without those things, they'd still be pretty great.

This session was done back in January, although if you didn't know you could swear it was in summer. (Thanks California!) One telling part to me though, is that golden hour light. For some reason it seems like the light here in winter is just a bit more beautiful than any other season. I might be crazy, but it really feels like that to me. There's some fantastic golden hour light in this session, and it just gives me all the warm and happy feels. 

Katie and Andrew are getting married next January at the Tower Club in Oxnard. And I hear tell that their wedding will be Star Wars themed- um YES.

Katie's dress was handmade by her super talented friend! Her work can be found at instagram.com/moonlit_design

More side notes: Katie's main stone is a family heirloom! Plus sapphire rings just deserve a special shout-out. I'm actually hinting at one for my upcoming 5th anniversary ;)




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