Pros of First Looks

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Monday 20th November 2017

I often hear brides ask for the pros and cons of first looks. So let me just say, I LOVE first looks. I love when my couple's do them, and I love them just in the general sense of being glad they exist.

And here's 5 reasons (pros) why:

1. You will be nervous before the ceremony. Both of you. First looks alleviate a lot of that tension, and allow you to focus more on the day rather than nerves.
2. More time for photos! When you do a first look you open up time for family and bridal party photos that would otherwise be rushed in between the ceremony and reception.
3. From a purely logistical standpoint, first looks are easier for photographers and videographers to capture than ceremonies most of the time. We are free to move around and get the best angle to capture that emotion, rather than being constrained to an aisle often with 200 other people watching you.
4. You get to experience seeing each other together as a private moment (except for your photographer and videographer) which you probably won't get a lot of (or any) the rest of your wedding day. And because you're alone...
5. You get to express emotion and feelings that wouldn't really be appropriate when up at the altar. You are free to hug, kiss, say "Wow you look amazing". Yes grooms often cry seeing their brides come up the aisle, but they can't really hug or kiss them until the ceremony is over.

From what I've experienced, there's really only one con. Which is that it breaks tradition. That's it! If you've decided to wait to see each other (which many couples still do) that's totally fine! But if you're the slightest bit unsure- yuo know where I stand.

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