Downtown Ventura Engagement Session

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Friday 18th February 2022

If you live in Southern California, you mostly like have "your beach". The beach that you like the most, the beach that your family went to growing up, the beach that has some attachment to it. For me, that beach is right by the Ventura Pier, right down the street from Main Street and downtown Ventura. Where I live in Simi Valley is pretty equidistant to either Malibu area or Ventura area, and Ventura just feels so much cozier to me.  With its vibrant murals and historic architecture (hello mission, courthouse, banks, theaters, etc.) it's also the perfect backdrop for a fun explorative Ventura engagement session. We started close to Ventura Pier and then walked up California Street and explored the downtown area. Honestly, there was so much more we could have walked to, but what we found in just a short time was amazing.

I love being a Ventura wedding photographer, there is never a shortage of incredible places for backdrops here. Ventura County is my hometown and I am always so grateful to work here as a wedding photographer in Ventura County. I love the diversity of cities, beaches, and oak forests closer to Simi Valley. Ventura is a great place for proposals such as Grant Park or Father Serra cross proposals overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Proposal photographer at your service! Ventura State Beach and the Crowne Plaza Inn are also incredible places for an intimate wedding and to have a Ventura wedding photographer capture your wedding and special moments.

Check out this Downtown Ventura Engagement Photography Session for inspiration!

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