Vicky and David's Rainy Los Angeles Ranch Wedding

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Tuesday 17th July 2018

I did it! I blogged again! I am so blessed and happy to say that we are expecting our first child next January, which means I'm about 3 months pregnant currently. My first trimester has been a lot better than some, but it's also left me with some crazy fatigue that has really prevented me of doing much of anything, let alone blogging. So while thinking of that, and thinking about how overwhelming blogging was, I came up with a new solution. Blog more frequently, but with less images. Meaning, just the highlights instead of everything. My full day weddings can range from 700-900 photos, so there's quite a lot to sort through. I decided to narrow things down to maybe 25-30 favorites, a little highlight reel if you will. And I'm super excited about it! I think it will make things much more doable. Also, I do have full wedding galleries up at pixieset constantly for viewing- see them at

So onto the wedding! Vicky and David's wedding at Reptacular Ranch in Los Angeles was this past March 2018. And unfortunately it was one of the only days where it rained here in Southern California. HARD. I know it wasn't what these two were planning, but everything happens for a reason, and I did snag some lovely reflections in the water at sunset. All in all, what truly matters in a wedding day is one thing: that you marry your person. The rest is details. Not that details are bad, you'll see some pretty cool ones here. :) 

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