Lindsey and Jarred's Simi Valley Backyard Wedding

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Friday 20th November 2020

October brought me three gorgeous backyard weddings to witness and photograph. Since Los Angeles and Ventura counties keep going back and forth on various restrictions, which has been so hard for both couples and vendors/ venues to navigate, many couples have chosen to use their own spaces to exchange their vows with just close family and friends. And you can't get closer than getting married in your childhood backyard in Simi Valley surrounded by loved ones. Because there were so many kiddos, a firepit and s'mores bar was set up (which every wedding should have in my humble opinion), and delicious Cafe Rio catered. There were some great moments, like how Jarred's tie got a mysterious stain on it before the wedding, but Lindsey's Dad just happened to have a tie in the exact same color. However, my favorite moment was watching Lindsey walk out with her Dad, and start getting emotional. The pure love and joy on wedding days is what keeps me coming back to doing this work, I’ve said before I often get emotional at weddings (even though I’ve been to over 100 by now), and that’s even truer now that I have a son and can fully resonate with that love of parents watching their children be happy. So, flowers, arches, happiness, love, vows, etc.: keep scrolling to see them all.

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