Sam and David's Salt Lake City Temple Wedding

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Thursday 22nd February 2018

So remember when I said I was going to blog every Friday all year? Me too. But hey, quality over quantity right? And it turns out quality involves going through galleries, choosing photos, formatting them for web, making diptychs of verticals, exporting, uploading, and creating a blog post. But you know what? It's worth it when it happens. Especially because I get to relive some awesome weddings all over again! And today's couple may look familiar. I did a beach session with these two cuties before their wedding last August, and that got blogged long ago. But I realized I had yet to blog their actual wedding day!

Sam and David were my first "destination" wedding, meaning that I left my home base of Los Angeles to go to Salt Lake City, Utah. And really, the coolest part of that whole experience was that I got meet my internet friend Lexxi from Lexxi Smith photography (who just did some amazing portraits of me and my husband that got blogged a couple weeks ago) and stay with her for a couple days. She was my second shooter for this wedding as well, which was such a great experience (I got my first taste of dirty soda, and yum). 

So this wedding deserves a bit of explanation, as it's not a "typical" wedding. And I'm actually super excited to share about this! Sam and David (as well as me) are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (AKA Mormons). And our weddings work a tad differently than traditional weddings. Where traditional weddings have one binding aspect (a ceremony by the laws of the land), Mormon wedding ceremonies have two. It does includes a ceremony by the laws of the land, ("By the power vested in me by..." and a marriage license), but it also includes a spiritual aspect which we refer to as "sealings". It's a religious ceremony that "seals" two people together as a married couple for eternity. It's common for Mormon couples to do both their legal ceremony and spiritual ceremony at the same time/ day, like Sam and David did, but it's not the only way. For example, my husband and I had a "traditional" wedding where we were married legally, and then we were sealed two years later for our religious ceremony. Mormon legal weddings can be done anywhere (just like any other wedding), but the religious aspect has to be done in a temple. The Salt Lake City temple is a well known Mormon temple in Utah, and is also the largest temple in the world. So it was super fun for me to be able to photograph there!

One thing you'll notice is that Sam and David's photos begin after exiting the temple and already being married. Before a temple is dedicated as a sacred space, tours and photos are allowed, but once it is dedicated then photos and videos of the inside are no longer permitted. There's a gorgeous photo of a sealing room in the Brigham City Temple from before it was dedicated, and I'll include that at the end :)

It's a tradition with temple weddings to have a grand exit coming out of the lobby of the temple, like shown below. That's where this wedding begins, and then we go through all the rest of the good stuff! The reception was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Temple Square, and has an amazing view of the temple. 

A sealing room inside the Brigham City Temple from before dedication. In a sealing ceremony the couple kneels across the altar from each other. The more you know!

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