Meggie and Jason's Rustic California Vow Renewal

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Tuesday 03rd September 2019

I am so proud of myself to be sitting down blogging right now. Since becoming a Mom everything I set out to do takes about 10x as long, so honestly just having the photos sized and ready, and this tab open to be currently writing is a huge deal for me. AND I AM PROUD. I'm proud of my work, I've still been shooting gorgeous weddings, meeting amazing people, editing, and posting on social media (sometimes), but my poor website has really been set on the back burner. I'm still here! I'm still available! Don't count me out! I'm going to try harder to focus on updating my site soon, including blogging and portfolio- but for now, just this one post:

Meggie and I met in a Facebook group. Her and her husband live in Washington, but are avid Disney lovers and came down to California for a Disneyland vacation. While here she reached out to me to ask me to do vow renewal photos of them, and asked for some location ideas. Luckily, I live five minutes from Corriganville- the site of the new Quentin Tarantino movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", (if that means anything to you), and it's one of my absolute favorite hidden gem spots for photos. She agreed and we met in person for the first time and spent the evening together. Her and her husband Jason read handwritten vows and love notes to each other, and Jason surprised Meggie with a new (Disney inspired) ring!

In addition to Disney lovers, the two are Marvel lovers as well. (Yeah I know Disney owns Marvel, but they're separate to me still). The two finished out our shoot by changing into some Captain America inspired costumes and fake fighting, which was THE BEST. She had asked me when she reached out if I thought it was silly, and here's the thing- nothing you ever want to do is silly. If it feels right to you, and you own it, it's not silly, it's perfect.  Enjoy.

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