Mady and Joel's Summer Backyard Wedding

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Thursday 22nd October 2020

You know those various people from your past that hold a special place in your heart, even if you haven't seen them in years and years? Mady is one of those people for me. When I was a Senior at Santa Susana High School, Mady was a Sophomore, and we were in choir together. The choir we were in went to a few festivals, so we ended up becoming good friends through all our shared time together. We even went on a little trip to Big Bear Lake with some of our other choir friends. Mady also has a connection with my photography journey, as I took my first photography class also my Senior year of school, and she and my other choir friends were often the subjects of my portrait assignments. Time went on and we drifted apart as people often do, but after her and Joel got engaged earlier in the year, she reached out to me about photographing their wedding. It was one of those emails that just warmed my heart, and made me so happy for the magical world of the internet and social media to keep in contact.

I feel like a broken record saying this, because at this point it's just obvious- Mady and Joel were affected by the pandemic, and although their original plans to marry in Big Bear changed, they ended up in a perfect backyard wedding in Northridge at her parent's house. And as backyard weddings are becoming more and more of a thing as venues continue to put restrictions on their weddings, or have cancelled them entirely- I am happy to share this gallery, hopefully to inspire someone else planning their own backyard ceremony! And as I have THREE backyard weddings this month in October, I guess this is going to be a fun series to start blogging!

Mady's maid of honor couldn't attend, but she was included in such a special way, having a matching bridesmaid dress and a photo of herself to include in group photos. And of course, she watched on Zoom. A big philosophy I have in wedding photography is reminding the bride and groom that "no matter what happens, if at the end of the day you're married, it was a success." There will always be snags, maybe not pandemic sized, but something. Someone won't be able to attend, something won't go to plan, some detail will be forgotten, but a wedding is just the beginning of a marriage- and that's what really matters.

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