Intimate Micro Wedding in the Hills of Cambria Pt 2

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Friday 21st May 2021

Well here we are, what, five months later after my Part 1 blog post? To say that I don't know how it's already May 2021 is an understatement. Especially now that the world seems like it's all of a sudden just picking up again at lightning speed with the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines. It's a weird feeling, we all mourned the halt of the world and normalcy, but now that it is picking up again I know several people who are feeling anxious about how quickly we're being expected to just "go back to normal". It feels like that with blogging for me, for so long I had hardly anything to post as my engagement sessions and weddings were cancelled. And now I've had three engagement sessions, and just photographed my first wedding of the year in Moorpark at Enegren Brewery!

So with that, I do really want to blog Part 2 of this Cambria wedding from October 2020. It's still one of my favorite weddings to date, just so intimate and beautiful to be in the hills of Central California with only close family and friends. If you haven't viewed Part 1 yet, and you're reading this wondering what the heck I'm talking about, part one is here: Cambria Micro Wedding Part 1

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