Amelia and Matt's Bel Air Bay Club Wedding in Malibu, California

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Saturday 25th July 2020

Who else feels like time just has no meaning anymore? Amelia and Matt’s wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu California happened just five months ago. Which if you’re calculating, was right before the United States was heavily impacted by the novel coronavirus and subsequently started shutting down. It’s a weird feeling to think about this wedding, just wandering the venue with groups of family and friends celebrating the day and night away, which is now non-existent here in Los Angeles. (Or it should be at least, this whole thing really needs to be taken seriously.)

This was my first time photographing at the Bel Air Bay Club, and wow. I can’t think of a more “California vibe” wedding venue than this one. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Coast Highway, palm trees galore, a cocktail area with a firepit, and gorgeous reception hall- this is Los Angeles wedding land at it’s finest. 

Being a wedding photographer in these recent days has been a challenge to say the least. As venues close, my couples who were so excited for their 2020 weddings are having to face the decision of postponing, or having a wedding day that looks radically different than the dream they had planned. Being a wedding photographer in Los Angeles is especially hard as it seems like the restrictions and regulations for weddings are changing daily. My heart goes out to my clients and others who have had to change their plans, but I mean this from the bottom of my heart: the only thing that matters truly about your wedding is that you get married to whom you want to marry. In a weird way it's kind of like labor- so many pregnant women worry about labor and forget that it's just one small fraction of what raising a child and being a parent is. Same with weddings, so many get so focused on the details of their wedding day that they can lose sight of how this is just one day in your entire lives together.

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer, especially a wedding photographer in Southern California where we have so many different types of venues and environments, is that every wedding is different. Different dresses, different food, different details, different vows. Just as we are all such radically different people, it's amazing to see people's personalities shine through in their days.

I don't like to say too much here as I want the images to really speak for themselves. Some things to point out and notice though that I think are extra special: the dog charm on Amelia's bouquet was a tribute to her dog that passed away earlier, the collage gift from Amelia to her Mom featuring photos of them together, and my freaking favorite is Matt dancing with his Grandma during the reception.

I loved being able to experience the Bel Air Bay Club myself with it's gorgeous architecture and view of the ocean, and if that doesn't win you over, just look at that sunset.

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