29 Photos of 2019 Weddings

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Saturday 21st December 2019

As 2019 wraps up, I continue my tradition of a year in review blog post! In addition to showing off some work, and letting my  clients know how much they all mean to me, it's really fun for me to look back and remember the special details of each of these days. I tried to consciously include photos other than bride and groom portraits, because although most any wedding photographer will you tell you that bridal portraits are our favorite to do, they really compose such a short part of the day as a whole. But I mean, of course there's still a lot in here because.... like I said it's the best part of my job.

First is Katie and Andrew's Tower Club Wedding in Oxnard. I had the honor of doing their engagement photos and also Katie's CSUN graduation photos before their wedding! And I was so happy to still be able to photograph their wedding, because I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to. But baby stayed put happily while I spent the day with them.

My next wedding I actually wasn't able to photograph myself (It was 5 days before my due date, and ended up being 3 days before I had my son). I had an incredible associate photographer Natalie help me out by going to shoot Christina and Wes's wedding at The Gardens At Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks, and I wanted to shout out to her here and include a couple of my favorite detail images from the day. Photographed by Natalie Alvarado (website link here) and edited by me.

Next we have Alyssa and Leo, clients who were referred to me by another couple I worked with in 2017! And the groom of my 2017 wedding officiated this one, which was so cool! Shot at Hartley Botanica in Somis, on a very rainy day.

Alyssa thought the guys were posing seriously and jumping, and then they all smiled. It was kind of an accident but remains one of my favorite photos.

Next although not a wedding, was a vow renewal! One of my internet friends Meggie and her husband Jason came down to California and met me at one of my favorite places, Corriganville Park in Simi Valley to renew their vows intimately. They're also big Marvel fans, so they did a quick outfit change after their formal photos to have some fun!

Moving on to my first small intimate wedding of the year, Ana and Nick were also referred to me by some friends, yay! Their Santa Barbara Courthouse wedding was so, so fun to be a part of. In between their wedding and reception I took a little stroll around downtown SB, and then got to walk around with them and their pup on the way to their dinner!

Moving into Summer! Two July weddings, the first for my beautiful friend from CSULB, Lisa, and her husband Sam. We were in the music program together for the brief year that I attended school at Long Beach State. And now seven years later I got to photograph her wedding at the Brea Community Center!

Next July wedding took place at Reptacular Ranch in the hills of Los Angeles/ Sylmar. One of my favorite venues that I am grateful to work many weddings at! Megan and Patrick had the cutest first look, played with Herbie (the resident camel) after their ceremony, and had the cutest glow stick grand exit!

A fun last minute wedding I got to photograph was Jason and Sammy's intimate wedding in Pasadena. They married under a full Harvest moon outside with their friends officiating and witnessing. And the classic Ford didn't hurt either.

Heading into Fall, with Brittney and Terrell's Agoura Hills Community Center wedding. These nice friendly bees came to help me with the detail shots. And we had some major fun with the incredible windows of the ballroom, both outside and inside!

And last but not least, my last wedding of the year, wrapping up with Esther and Joe at Reptacular Ranch once again! Their day after Halloween pumpkin themed wedding was so cute. The "Fall in Love" pumpkins are one of my favorite wedding details of all time. 

If you've been counting- there's been 28 photos so far. To leave room for my favorite reception dancing photo of the year- from Megan and Patrick's summer wedding! It's a great example to me of how all weddings tie together, no matter who, where, when, etc. as long as there's people celebrating and sending love, it's perfect.

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