Elena and Orion's Spring Oak Park Engagement Session

Posted By Holly Castillo Photography on Friday 21st April 2017

Elena and Orion chose the Oak Park Community Center and Garden for their Spring engagement session, and I'm so glad that they did! The flowers and gorgeous Spring light really made this location more beautiful than I've ever seen it before. And as far as couples go, Elena and Orion were just as sunny and colorful as the garden we were in. They spent their session laughing, kissing, and teasing each other, and were just  a genuinely fun and happy couple to be around. And Orion definitely deserves special recognition for being one of the few men who not only enjoyed his session, but was involved with posing and location ideas as well! Couple's like these two really make my job a walk in the park- pun intended, since we spent our session walking in a park :)  I truly loved my time with Elena and Orion, and look forward to photographing their wedding- which is in only one week! :o

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