About Me

Holly Castillo

Serving Southern California and Beyond

Hello. My name is Holly Castillo!

I believe in a thing called love. Just listen to the rhythm of my hea- wait. That's not what we're doing here (as much as I like that song). I believe in a thing called love. You know that saying-"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"? Well it's true! I truly love what I do- because I am granted the opportunity to capture and preserve the love that's shared between couples and families. Husband to wife, mother to child, brother to sister- the love shared between people brings still images to life, and I am constantly humbled by being able to take part in capturing it. I'll let you in on a secret- I always cry at weddings. Especially the ones that I'm photographing. Weddings are powerful forces. Uniting two people who used to be total strangers into a family unit is a truly spectacular thing. And beyond that- it's a ton of fun!

I also believe in a thing called COLOR (which is ironic since this is written in black and white). Trendy photography comes and goes like the tides. Have you ever looked at popular wedding photography from the early 2000's or your parent's cheesy film wedding photographs- and cringed? To me, photography is about capturing the true scene- the true emotion, the true colors, the true light. I don't mute colors to be trendy, I enhance them. Love is timeless, why not the style of photography that captures it?

When not photographing beautiful people and families, I can be found listening to the Avett Brothers, eating Mexican food (mainly guacamole), and snuggling my husband and our four cats. My dream is actually to open a wedding venue/ cat and goat rescue. It will be called "Castillo del Gato" (The Cat Castle, and a play on our name). You heard it here first- look out for it in the next 10 years or so :)

My Fur-Babies

Sometimes I love these guys so much that I just want to smush their little faces. I'm told this is something called "cuteness aggression".

And as far as photography goes...

I'm a strong believer in natural emotions. Yeah, I know every photographer says that- but really. Have you ever seen those old Victorian Pictures where people had to stand still for a loooooooong time, and they look less than happy about it? Well with today's technology there is no reason to be looking like you're made of wax. I love telling couples and families to "take a moment". Take a moment to just experience your emotions. Experience those incredible feelings of being a newlywed, or of the overwhelming eternal love you have for your children. Take those moments, and then let me freeze them forever. Yes of course we'll get those smiling straight at the camera photos that Grandma has to have, and sometimes I just have to have you in a certain pose- but after those, it's all unscripted.