About Me

Holly Castillo

Serving Ventura County, CA and Beyond

Hello. My name is Holly Castillo.

I believe in a thing called love. There is truth in the saying, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I truly love what I do- because I am granted the opportunity to capture and preserve the love that's shared between families. Husband to wife, mother to child, brother to sister- the love shared between people brings still images to life, and I am constantly humbled by being able to take part in capturing it.

When not photographing beautiful people and families, I can be found listening to the Avett Brothers, eating Mexican food (mainly guacamole), and snuggling my husband and our four cats.

My Fur-Babies

Sometimes I love these guys so much that I just want to smush their little faces. I'm told this is something called "cuteness aggression".

And as far as photography goes...

I'm a strong believer in natural emotions. Natural smiles, natural laughter, natural silliness. On shoots you will often hear me say "Do whatever feels comfortable for you". My favorite images are those taken when a couple is laughing at an inside joke, or a toddler is giving me his grumpy "I don't want to take pictures anymore" face. As I said before, I believe in a thing called love. And love shines through best when we can naturally express ourselves.